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Scripture and Song Meditations

Presented here are themed collections of Bible verses and hymns to use for personal, small group, or congregational worship. Within each themed set, Bible verses are paired with hymns to create a smooth and cohesive flow of the spoken Word with music (either instrumental or singing). The format is very similar to the familiar “Lessons and Carols” format commonly use at Christmas time.


No sheet music is provided in the outline since most of the music follows standard hymnal arrangements found on A few of the songs do have digital sheet music available for purchase at Sheet Music Plus and links are provided in the YouTube description.


Customizing these outlines to better meet your personal or church needs and preferences could include the following modifications:

  • include more verses for some of the songs for added program length

  • read from a different Bible version that is more familiar or more contemporary

  • have various instrumental and vocal musicians present each song

  • have a variety of people of all ages take turns reading the Scriptures


All Scripture readings are taken from “The World English Bible (WEB)” The WEB is a Public Domain (no copyright) Modern English translation of the Holy Bible

Below are themed sets of “Scripture and Song Meditations.”
On the left are the FREE outline guides listing the Bible verses and hymns
included in each devotional presentation (click on the image to download the pdf file).
On the right are the corresponding YouTube videos. 
Meditation #1 ~ LOVE
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