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Children's Musical Programs

10 Minute Praise in Scripture and Song

Click on the book covers to preview and purchase from Sheet Music Plus

Here are 6 themed (including holiday) musical programs for children. Each program features Scripture readings chosen to fit the theme. In addition to the Bible readings, four songs are included and interspersed throughout the narrative to highlight the main themes presented.  Sheet music for the individual songs are shown below.


These "Ten Minute Praise" programs give children the opportunity to share their voices through reading (or reciting) and singing when time and resources don't allow for longer, choreographed children's musical programs. The Bible verses are short and the music and lyrics are easy-to-learn making them appropriate for children of all ages from kindergarten up.

The purchase price includes everything needed for a complete performance: director's score plus reproducible pages for accompanist, teachers, and children. MP3 piano accompaniment tracks are available on the Sheet Music Plus website.


Program features include:

  • short: roughly 10 minutes

  • requires no acting, costumes, or props

  • easy to learn in a few weeks

  • adaptable length

  • any group size

  • reproducible pages

  • straight-forward piano accompaniment

Three sing-along lyric movies from the "Ten Minute Praise" children's programs:

Days of Creation                             Give Thanks                                  Jesus Is Risen

Sheet Music Links

Click on the sheet music covers to preview and purchase from Sheet Music Plus
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