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Praise Him with Stringed Instruments

String Duets for Violin and Cello with Piano Accompaniment

The title of this collection was inspired by the words found in Psalm 150 verse 4: “Praise Him with stringed instruments…” (KJV)

This collection contains 10 favorite hymns arranged as easy instrumental trios (for VIOLIN and CELLO duet with PIANO accompaniment). From flowing and peaceful to upbeat and festive, these arrangements are a welcome addition to the repertoire for beginning string students. The 10 individual songs included in this collection are shown below.

All notes for both the VIOLIN and CELLO in each song are playable in the first position making these arrangements an excellent choice for early-intermediate string players. For each song, there is a combined score (grand staff) with all parts on each page (VIOLIN, CELLO, and PIANO) plus a separate 1-staff score for each string instrument part (VIOLIN and CELLO) and also a PIANO only score.

Movie Links

Click on the photos below to "sing-along" with the lyric movies on YouTube
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